“Greatly Reduces Exposure to Airborne Germs and Bacteria"

Avoid introducing infections when you brush
Individualized hygienic storage for your entire toothbrush 

     Reduces the risk of germs being transferred from one toothbrush to another.

     Specially designed to allow airflow to speed the drying process.

     Innovative design that blends into any decor

      Battery operated light globe

Kids Love the Personal Toothbrush Holder!

Individualized hygienic storage for your entire toothbrush

Research has shown that if you let your toothbrush dry the bacteria in the toothbrush will die

The traditional toothbrush holders stores the toothbrush on a wet and infected surface, fostering the growth of bacteria and becoming a source of infections

Individivual storage of the toothbrush helps to avoid cross-contamination of the toothbrushes through direct contact 


Rinse the toothbrush with clean hot water to remove the food particles and other loose matter trapped within the bristles of the toothbrush
With the bristles facing down, hold the toothbrush by the end of the handle and strongly tap the mid portion of the handle against the edge of the sink three or four times to remove excess water
Return the toothbrush to the Personal Toothbrush Holder
Never touch, try to clean or remove the excess water from the toothbrush bristles by using your fingers

Cleaning Instructions: To clean your Personal Toothbrush Holder, twist off the top half of the light globe before cleaning to prevent water damage to the light system. Disassemble the remaining parts and clean with a soft cloth using mild soap water. Let the parts dry completely and reassemble. For best results, remove excess water from toothbrush before placing into the Personal Toothbrush Holder.

Replacing the 6V battery
1. Twist the top half of the light globe to the left and remove the three small screws.
2. Insert a new 6V battery into the top half of the light globe.
3. Screw in the 3 small screws and twist the top half of the globe back on until tightly screwed. To extend the life expectancy of the light, turn off during the day by twisting the top to the left.

Ideal for Shared Bathrooms

Ideal for Kids Bathrooms

Ideal for Dorm Rooms

Total Toothbrush Protection from Airborne Germs and Bacteria, Perfect For: Dorm Rooms, Bathrooms, Kids Rooms, Hospital Stays, Travel.
A IR ventilation system, touch sensor with automatic shut off, Rechargeable Battery with USB port, Dual LED lights, and soft bristle toothbrush included.

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