“Greatly Reduces Exposure to Airborne Germs and Bacteria"

About Us

Candor Health Products creates, develops and markets new innovative products focusing on personal healthcare. We would like to introduce our first product called the “Personal Toothbrush Holder” or “PTH”. The PTH was created out of a need to be able to protect the toothbrush at all times from germs and bacteria whether in a bathroom, dorm room, hotel room or wherever. The PTH started out as a simple idea while in a hotel room and realizing there was nowhere to safely place a toothbrush. After many years and many revisions, Candor has a finished product ready for store shelves.

Candor Health Products has worked very closely with SCORE, the Volunteer Business Counselors to America’s Small Businesses, in Houston, Texas on almost every facet of this project. SCORE’s expertise on marketing, product packaging, retailing and website design has been extremely helpful in getting our first product launched. Through hard work, commitment, dedication and with the help of SCORE the “Personal Toothbrush Holder” is ready for the market.

Ideal for Shared Bathrooms

Ideal for Kids Bathrooms

Ideal for Dorm Rooms

Total Toothbrush Protection from Airborne Germs and Bacteria, Perfect For: Dorm Rooms, Bathrooms, Kids Rooms, Hospital Stays, Travel.
A IR ventilation system, touch sensor with automatic shut off, Rechargeable Battery with USB port, Dual LED lights, and soft bristle toothbrush included.

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